Beautiful Shaker Wardrobe


Beautiful Shaker Wardrobe

A great way to use our shaker doors.This shaker wardrobe was once a tired old pine louvre wardrobe. Our client measured their existing doors, and the hinge positions for each hole. When their shaker wardrobe doors arrived, all they had to do, was remove the old doors (by unscrewing the hinge from the door, leaving it screwed into the cabinet) and then install their new shaker doors.

It is such a simple process, and we are constantly amazed at how people put our shaker doors to use. You can see in this photo, that the client has used 4mm mirror in their shaker wardrobe doors. To do this, simply measure the panel size, and subtract about 3mm from the height and the width.  This is the size of mirror you will need to order.

The best way to affix a mirror to a shaker wardrobe door, is to lay the shaker door down on a flat, clean surface (carpet usually) and use mirror adhesive.  
Read the instructions on the mirror adhesive first and use accordingly. Once the adhesive has cured as per the instructions, re-hang your shaker wardrobe door and hey presto! You have succeeded.

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