Do you make custom size or made to measure doors?

Yes we make custom size doors for both wardrobes and kitchens. We also have a huge range of standard sizes too. If you have any issues with understanding the process, please feel free to call or use our contact page to get in touch.

Do all drawer fronts feature a shaker panel?

Shaker style drawers under 283 in height will be produced as a slab door, so will not feature a panel. Drawers over 283 in height will feature a panel. 

Do you produce BARE MDF doors?

We have now replaced our MDF doors with our all new paintable range.  Please find these on the categories menu to the left.

Do you offer high gloss doors?

Most of our doors are also available in high gloss, if this isn't show in the options then please email us to confirm.  We also have our Ultra Modern range which features high gloss, see menu to the left and category 'Custom Sized Wardrobe Doors'.

Paintable Doors - How do i paint these?

We have tested using Little Greene ASP primer (all surface primer) and also with top-coat alone from the same brand and we have found the paint to adhere extremely well with no scratching or flaking at all.  Surfaces must be keyed prior to paint as with any painting task.  Other paint brands will work well but we suggest testing or using Little Greene paints to ensure quality.

Do you offer mirrored doors?

Mirrors are notoriously difficult to send by courier so we do not currently offer mirrored doors.  That is not to say you can't fit mirrors yourself, take a look in the how-to section for a quick tutorial on this and other interesting ideas or follow this link:  Click Here

Can I use Butt style hinges on your doors?

Unfortunately our doors do not accept butt hinges.  We drill holes for 35mm cabinet hinges, like kitchen hinges or blum style hinges.  See our hardware section for available hinges.

What is Hinge Drilling and what does the service include?

Hinge drilling is the process of creating a hole to locate the hinges for your door(s).  We drill the standard 35mm round hole for the kitchen style hinges, but we do not drill pilot holes for screws for compatibility reasons.

Where are the IKEA PAX compatible hinges, I can't find them?

Our IKEA PAX compatible range are offered with pre-drilled hinge holes only.  The hinge design that IKEA uses for these cabinets and doors are unique to IKEA so they will need to be purchased via their website.  We are not affiliated with IKEA in any way.

How do I order angled doors for my loft or under my stairs?

We make angled doors to suit a wide variety of applications. To order or get a quote for these, please email us using the contact page or email address at the bottom of this page. We need to see a diagram with the size of each individual door. The Sizes we require for pricing are tallest side height and the width at the base of the door. The rest of the sizes we only need when you place the order. You can of course send all of those measurements at the same time if preferred.

Can I give you the size of my space and you work out the sizes?

We can offer advice on how you need to measure for your doors, but we do not offer a measure up service. We cannot work out your sizes required, you would need to provide these to us in writing. If you struggle to work this out, and are having difficulties which prevent you from taking on the project, we suggest finding a fitter. If you send us an email, we may be able to help find you a fitter in your area.

Can I pay in instalments?

Currently there are no payment plans running.

Do you have a showroom and can I visit?

We are an online retailer and in order to keep prices as beneficial as possible to you, we have no showroom.

How do I add hinge drilling details?

If you have specific hinge drilling requirements, please supply these either in special comments at checkout or via a follow up email to us once you have placed your order.  Please note we only offer top to bottom custom positioning, not side to side.

Do you offer fitting?

We do not offer fitting. 

Are there matching panels, plinths and cornice for my doors?

Yes we do, check out accessories on the categories menu. 

Do you match doors that i have bought in the past?

Whilst we try to keep our suppliers the same year on year, it is inevitable some of our suppliers and manufacturers change from time to time.  If you are trying to continue a project you started with us in a previous order, be sure to check in with us prior to ordering more doors so that we can check that the suppliers and colours have not changed for you.  Alternatively, just add this info to the special instructions box at checkout and we will call you to discuss.  You can find all of our contact info  HERE

What is the 6 year warranty?

Our doors come with a 6 year warranty against manufacturing defects. For more information please get in touch by email.

My cabinets are custom size, would your doors still work?

Yes we produce doors to almost any size. Look for the made to measure products or just get in touch by phone and we can help you on your way.

Do you make doors to match my own design?

We do not offer a bespoke design service. We only offer the styles that are shown on the web shop.

How long is delivery?

From ordering, our production time is 10 - 14 days for most doors. You will be pre notified of an estimated delivery date and we aim to give 48 hours notice of delivery when the time comes. Some items such as hinges, accessories/handles can arrive in separate parcels and ahead of schedule.

Is there a time slot for my delivery?

Unfortunately to keep things economical for our customers, a timed delivery is not available.  This is due to the parcel services being large services or freight.

Can I collect my order?

We do not offer an order collection service.

My order has arrived damaged, what do I do?

Whilst we do our best to prevent damage, it is inevitable that this will occur at some stage. If this applies to your delivery, you have 48 hours to inform us if any damage has occurred to the product in transit so that we can investigate, and we will require photographs of any damage. If you do not manage to send this information within this time, we will not be able to process a claim.

Do you drill hinge holes?

Most of our doors can be drilled for hinges. We offer a standard 35mm hinge hole for standard overlay hinges only. If you need assistance understanding hinges, please get in touch.

I cannot add an item to my cart, what is wrong?

There could be a few reasons. Known issues could be that you have selected an out of stock item, or you may have entered a size which is outside of our capabilities. In either case, or any other scenario, it is best to call us so we can talk about the issue and hopefully find you a solution.

Cancelling your order - how long do i have for cancellation of my order?

We permit up to 48 hours for cancellations and these must be in writing by email.  48 hours is from the point of ordering and is not limited to working days, we include weekends.  So if you order late on a Friday, we must receive cancellation requests before Monday.