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Custom Made and Standard Size Kitchen Doors

So you think you need a new kitchen? There is no other choice but to rip it out, right? Wrong. Here at Shaker2go, we offer all of the doors, end panels and dress up items to renew and give your kitchen the makeover it really needs, without the premium prices you really don't need.

All of the kitchen doors we make here are bespoke, this means made to measure to your exact requirements. We can produce kitchen doors of any size. Our doors are all hand processed and hand constructed and finished, meaning no CNC/Chinese produced doors. This is British manufacture at it's best, with British customer service and real attention to your needs.

We offer moisture resistant MDF kitchen doors in a Primed or Bare finish, and Birch Ply doors in Bare or low sheen, food-safe lacquer finish.

We also offer a wide range of finished standard size doors with a fast delivery time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or advice, we are here to help.

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