Welcome to Shaker2go

Founded in 2011 we have been the UK’s leading Shaker door specialists ever since.

We specialise in shaker doors as our main product style, with an addition of some slab, handle-less and decorative doors.  We have a huge range available in both standard sizes and custom sizes. 

We come from a background in cabinetry, and during our time making cabinetry for kitchens and bedrooms, we found ourselves leaning toward shaker style doors more than the rest.  We started to specialise in shaker style bedrooms and kitchens, and eventually decided to start producing shaker doors for the general public as a product available online.  This has grown in popularity over the years, and the DIY crowd seem to like us, and we love to see the diversity of projects our doors are used for.

We have a 4500sq/ft workshop in Kent where we manufacture, store and package the majority of our doors.  We use traditional machines in co-operation with some of the latest high-tech machinery on the market.  This means we are the providers for the biggest variety of shaker doors in the UK right now.

We pride ourselves as being a UK manufacturer.  The British manufacturing industry carries amazing history and in recent years we have seen consumers favour foreign and middle eastern factories and products over our own home-grown products.  Well, we are here to support the UK by not outsourcing our doors, or labour to other countries.  Let’s make Britain great again and take some pride in our own markets.

If you have any questions please head over to our Contact Page and send us a brief message, or use the phone number to give us a call.  

We are happy to talk through any queries, questions, hesitations and technical difficulties.  Using our on-the-job experience, we are confident we can help everybody.