How to measure guide

How to Measure Up A Fitted Wardrobe

In this video, we demonstrate how to measure your wardrobe for new doors. It is a simple process. With the information you provide, we can produce your shaker doors to match, so you are ready for a straight forward swap when your new doors arrive.

How to Measure your Hinge Positions

Measuring hinge positions is easy. This guide will show you how to measure them using your existing doors, ready for our replacement doors to be installed. If you have any questions about this video or requests for info, please visit our site and use the Contact Us page to fill out our contact form.

How to Measure up Replacement Wardrobe Doors

Here we show how to measure up a your existing wardrobe doors in situ. This tutorial shows how we measure the height and width of the space, and also how to work out clearance gaps. Hopefully by the end of this video, you will be ready to measure your own wardrobe doors, and be confident that you are ordering the correct sizes.

How to Measure Up for Your Kitchen Door Hinges

We use a method here where we remove the door from the hinge, instead of removing the hinge and door from the carcass. This means you can retain all of your hinge adjustments and positioning, ready for your new door to just slip on. This video will show you how to measure your hinges using your existing doors, which you can then remove (see for how to remove door)