About Shaker2Go

Replacement doors for wardrobes and kitchens

Who are Shaker2Go?

We are the leading up-front manufacturer of bespoke shaker doors.

We specialise in shaker doors Traditional 5 Piece Shaker. Not CNC doors. Each door is handmade for your order. We do not let sub-standard products leave our workshop.

We come from a background in cabinetry, and during our time making cabinetry for kitchens and bedrooms, we found ourselves leaning toward shaker style doors more than the rest.  We started to specialise in shaker style bedrooms and kitchens, and eventually decided to start producing shaker doors as a product available online.  This has grown in popularity over the years, and the DIY crowd seem to like us, and we love to see that.

We have a medium sized workshop in Kent, and this is solely used to produce shaker doors for the orders made on this website.  We do not use CNC machines, or automated machinery like most of the shaker door manufacturers out there.  We use simple machines to aid the process, but the material is 100% handled by human hands, and the cutting and finishing of every component is done by hand using machines that are manually operated. We want our clients to be able to access the bespoke shaker kitchen look, without the bespoke shaker kitchen price tag.

We pride ourselves as being a UK manufacturer.  The British manufacturing industry carries amazing history and in recent years we have seen consumers favour foreign and middle eastern factories and products over our own home grown products.  Well we are here to change our small portion of that and win the favour back of the Brits by offering well priced products and quality craftsmanship.

Our standard doors are produced from ‘Meddite’ 18mm moisture resistant MDF (MRMDF) which has great anti-swelling properties and is composed from a sandwich of soft and hard material. Anti swelling means that once your door is cut to size, it stays that size, whether your house is in a humid environment or not.

What we do

We offer the best priced hand made to measure shaker replacement doors, made in the UK.

From made to measure kitchen doors to bespoke wardrobe doors, we produce any size shaker door for direct replacement door of your existing kitchen or wardrobe doors. Doors are supplied either bare/unprimed or primed with a coat of white primer in our spray booth.

Assistance & Special Requirements

We're here to help.

If you require help with measuring your existing wardrobe doors or kitchen doors, or just want to know more about our shaker doors, please contact us on 01233 820764.

If you require a replacement wardrobe door or a replacement kitchen door in unusual size or shape, please call us on 01233 820764 - we'll be glad to quote you for a custom order