Yes we supply any size door up to 2400mm high and we recommend not to exceed 700mm in width, however we can supply these at the discretion of the client, but we do not recommend their use with conventional hinges.

We work on a standard turnaround of 10-14 working days for most sized door orders. Turnaround times may vary at busier periods of the year. If you have a much larger door order, please get in touch to discuss.

Our doors are hand made using Tulipwood, Birch Ply and also a material called ‘Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard’ or MRMDF for short, and branded as Medite® which is the favoured brand for high quality applications worldwide. This is our material of choice because it has moisture resistant properties, meaning that we can be sure that your door will stay the same size and not warp in different humidity levels. The second reason, which is just as important, is that because of it’s moisture resistant properties, it is constructed with a much harder wearing exterior surface. This hard external layer provides the perfect base to take a great paint finish.

Which material to choose?

Tulipwood has a naturally structured woodgrain which is perfect for hinges that will be screwed into the edge of a door as the natural and complex fibre structure within the timber will hold the screw with more rigidity. MDF is a compressed fibre board, with a simple structure. If we screwed into the edge of this material, there would be less sufficient strength to support the screw should any excessive pressure be placed upon it. In simple terms, MDF or Birch Ply for standard softclose style kitchen hinges, and Tulipwood for butt/flush/piano hinges etc.

The doors in your order will be provided without hinge drilling as standard. If you would like hinge holes to be drilled for you, then there is an option on the product page which will need to be selected in order for your doors to be supplied hinge drilled.

Doors are supplied either primed or bare. You can select these options at the product page.

We do not supply glazed doors, we cannot insure these during transit.

We use a type of MRMDF branded as Medite®. One of the most important benefits to Medite® is its sustainability. This material is made from 100 percent recycled materials, and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as a sustainably harvested wood product. While plywood and MDF are constructed using formaldehyde-based resins, Medite® is manufactured using methyl diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), a formaldehyde-free adhesive. Formaldehyde levels are closely linked to poor indoor air quality, which can contribute to respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

We put the doors through a sanding process, to level any uneven joints and to clean up any excess glue.

If you are replacing existing doors, please just measure the existing door exactly and provide us with those measurements via the product page or via email at info@shaker2go.co.uk - If you would like to speak to somebody about how to measure up, please call 01233 220 311

You can use almost any type of paint on our primed doors. We can recommend a great chalk paint manufacturer for you if you require. For any other type of paint, just either enquire at your local DIY store, or feel free to give us a call 01233 220 311

We can produce angled doors, but we will only do this with a specific set of measurements and angles for the door specification. Please get in touch via email info@shaker2go.co.uk or call 01233 220 311