Which Kitchen Hinges?

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Which Kitchen Hinges?

Q:  Which kitchen hinge should I use? Which kitchen hinge is the best? Which kitchen hinge is for me?

A:  So there are two main types of kitchen hinge or wardrobe hinge.  There is the softclose hinge and standard hinge.

A standard hinge is basically the same as a softclose hinge, however it doesn't have the added benefit of a damper within the hinge to slow down the closing motion of the door.  

A softclose hinge has the benefit of a damper.  This means you can slam the door and it won't bang.  Our softclose hinges on the Hardware Page are the best quality around.  They are adjustable so that you can change the amount of 'soft close' the door features.  This is particularly useful if you have a shaker wardrobe door for instance, you can make the soft close stronger to match the weight of the door.

Another handy DIY tip for wardrobe door hinges, when you have 3 hinges per door, is to use a pair of softclose hinges, and a single standard hinge.  Some wardrobe fitters have found that three softclose hinges on a wardrobe door can often prevent the door from closing fully.  By replacing the third wardrobe hinge from softclose to standard, they could still benefit from the softclose function, but could also save a little money per door using this method.  It does not affect quality at all.