Replacement Shaker doors for Kitchens


Replacement Shaker doors for Kitchens

Replacing a whole kitchen is expensive and time consuming. Why not just replace the doors and create a beautiful designer kitchen for a fraction of the price. All our doors are handmade to order in the UK.

The absolute charm of a British-made Shaker kitchen is its distinctive square frame design and timeless appeal. Making the Shaker kitchen a true British classic. You won’t find exaggerated curves, intricate carvings or superfluous decoration in a Shaker-style kitchen — the emphasis is on practicality and durability. With a range of features and design options the Shaker2Go Shaker kitchen doors can be custom ordered to suit any taste or need.

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The Shaker Kitchen is well known for being versatile and is at home in almost any setting. Whether a country cottage or a city dwelling the Shaker Kitchen integrates seamlessly. In any respect, whether you would like a contemporary style kitchen or perhaps a more traditional type, our Shaker kitchens can be designed and custom-made to fit your requirements.

Our Shaker kitchen is available with out without a primed finish and can be mixed and matched according to your tastes and requirements.

Simply choose which style door you would like and start to build your own quote by using our online calculator. Each door is made to measure and perfect for creating your very own unique kitchen at the heart of your home.

We want our clients to be able to access the bespoke shaker kitchen look, without the shaker kitchen price tag.

To cost up your doors now, simply select the style you want and take it from there