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Mouldings on Shaker Doors

Different Thicknesses of door vs Decorative and Quadrant mouldings

(quadrant may also be referred to as 'Glass Bead' in some areas of the website)

With our decorative molding doors and quadrant (glass bead) moulding doors becoming more and more popular with clients, we want to show the differences between the mouldings.  The quadrant only works with a 22mm thick shaker door, in tulip or MDF.  The decorative moulding works with both 18 and 22mm MDF or tulip shaker doors.

Decorative moulding:

Below is two pictures showing the difference in appearance of the decorative mold on different thicknesses of the shaker doors we produce, with 18mm first, and then 22mm second:

Well what's the difference?

The only difference between the two is how the moulding sits in relation to the recess of the door.  With our 18mm shaker doors the recess is 4.5mm and the moulding protrudes ever so slightly past the front of the door.  With the 22mm shaker door the moulding sits well in the recess becasue of the increaed thickness.  The recess in a 22mm door is around 9mm.

Quadrant Moulding:

With the quadrant moulding, we can only supply this set in a 22mm door.  The size of the actual moulding is around 6x6mm, and so you can work out that it will not it within the 4.5mm recess of the 18mm door.  Here is a photo of the 22mm quadrant mould door setup, the image shows both mouldings but we will focus on the quadrant mould:

What is the quadrant mould for?

Lots of our clients were confused when we called this moulding a glass bead.  The name glass bead was simply the name for the beading that is used here, however this was causing misleading results with some clients expecting this door to be ready for glazing, which it is not.  So we have/ar in the process of changing the name to quadrant mould.  The door will still be a panelled shaker door, but will definitely not be able to be glazed.  


Hopefully this will clear the fog surrounding the setups on these kinds of doors, and how the finished articles will look.  If you need any more information please feel free to email us with your contact details and we will call you to discuss further.