How is your Shaker Door made

How is Your Shaker Door Made?

Each shaker door starts life as a manufactured sheet of a special material called MRMDF, which is the professional brother of MDF.  MRDF stands for Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard, and is a more stable, dense, smoother and easier to finish material than standard MDF.  We use this material as it provides an outstanding paint finish, on all edges without furring, and its moisture resistant properties make it the best candidate for general household cabinetry.  

Once we receive your order for a bespoke shaker door or a standard sized shaker door, we then begin with cutting the 5 or more components the traditional way.

Firstly we rip the sheets into the width of the shaker rails required for your shaker door.  These rails are then sanded on any cut face to make sure your bespoke shaker door is smooth ready for painting.

The next step is cutting these rails for the shaker door from these rips of material.  These lengths create the framing around the central panel on any shaker door. Next we cut the central panel which will sit inside a channel which we cut into each rail of the shaker door.  All of these components are then given final sanding before glue up of the shaker door in the assembly shop.

Once glued, we leave the bespoke shaker doors and standard shaker doors in clamps overnight for the glue to properly set.  The shaker doors are then taken out of the clamps and sent to finishing, where they are sanded and cleaned up to remove any excess glue, and then your basic shaker door is complete.

Please note, all of this process is done by hand and not by machine. These are handmade shaker doors.


Our priming service uses state of the art airless pumps to ensure we get maximum coverage on your doors.  We only charge a small fee for priming to try and keep our prices affordable, but it gives you a head start for your finishing process, be it at home or on site.  The primer is applied in two thick coats on each side of the door.  The edges also receive two coats.  The aim of providing this service, is to take the difficulty away from the initial priming/undercoat process. This means that we can get a good lick of primer into all of the corners, nooks etc, leaving you with the easier part of the job.

Please note: Your door will not be ready to topcoat/paint upon delivery - The door will be primed, however it will not be sanded after this process.  You will only need to lightly sand the door to flat off the roughness in preparation for the top coat, as would be standard procedure for any primer.  We do this so that if there are any handling marks during transit or even packaging, that they can be sanded on the prep sand on site/project and also so that you can make sure the door is sanded to your own personal preference on site.

You may in some circumstances find an area of the door with thicker primer than other areas.  This is due to the nature of the primer itself.  We use a high-build filler primer, designed to be built up.  If we discover a small scratch in the door once it is in the spray booth, we will use the filling properties of this special primer to fill the scratch.  If we did not do this, we would have to delay the door/order until the door had been through the whole re-finishing process again.


The delivery of your shaker door is made via pallet or small package, depending on the size of the order. All of the shaker doors will be appropriately packaged to prevent damage in transit and will be fully insured during transit. When you receive your shaker door, it is essential that you check each door.

Your doors will leave the factory in pristine condition, and if they are not checked at the time of delivery we cannot determine where any damage may have occurred (if any) and therefore cannot refine any flaws in our delivery services. You may be busy or think that the delivery driver is in a rush, but if the items are not checked at the time, then the insurance is invalid and any claims cannot be subsequently made. We do hope you will understand this and ensure you follow the process duly.

If you require a Saturday delivery, please contact us with your enquiry.

Can't find the door sizes you are looking for?

We can produce any size shaker door, and quite often produce complete sets of bespoke shaker doors on an inexpensive made to measure basis. Contact Us with your requirements or give us a call on 01233 220311.

We also produce shaker wardrobe doors up to a maximum size of 2.4m high and 60cm wide, please contact us with your requirements.